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Pumpkin PATCH and the Boo Brothers – Singing Pumpkin Animations

I won a Free singing pumpkin animation today on Facebook! I chose “Dead Man’s Party” to add to the other 8 animations that we have for our Pumpkin PATCH and the Boo Brothers singing pumpkin concert.

Since the Halloween of 2013 we have included these singing pumpkins in our graveyard haunt. I often get asked if I animated them. I am not the animator, but John Nielson who manages the Halloween Fun and Christmas Magic Facebook page IS the talented animator behind the Disneyesque Singing Pumpkins that I use. He also has Singing Snowman animations and animations that you can project onto a wall, your garage door, or other flat surfaces. Check out his website and his Facebook page to find out how you can add your own singing pumpkin concert to your Halloween haunt.

Halloween 2014

Our Halloween Haunt for 2014 had to be the bare minimum since we were selling our old house and building a new one. I set up the Singing Pumpkins as if they were having a concert.

“In Concert Tonight Only! Pumpkin PATCH and the Boo Brothers.”

The playlist of songs were This Is Halloween, Blue Moon, Ghostbusters, Grim Grinning Ghosts, Thriller, and Yo Ho, Yo Ho (A Pirates Life For Me). The entire “concert” was over 20 minutes long.

Halloween 2013

Here is a video of our 2013 haunt.

New props for 2013

I made my wife’s Ford Flex look like a hearse with cardboard cut-out landau bars wrapped in HVAC tape. I made a cardboard casket out of a neighbor’s baby crib box to put in the back of the “hearse.” I used an inexpensive MP3 player and speakers with a voice yelling, “I’m not dead yet. Let me out!” The ghoul driver was an animated prop I made at a previous Rocky Mountain Haunters Gathering with two deer motors moving the head up and down and side to side.

Flying Crank Ghost

The Singing Pumpkins were a huge hit. You can purchase your own animations at TheSingingPumpkin.com.

Halloween 2009

This year’s haunt was a real success. I focused a lot of my time and budget into the lighting and ambiance of the haunt this year. Black lights, fog and chiller, lightning, thunder, candles flickering all added to the creepy, haunted vibe. My “Scaretaker” was a real hit with the kids and adults alike. We had a steady stream of ToTs all evening and at one point there was a huge crowd of parents and kids standing in front of my house admiring all our hard work. I wish I had taken a picture of that, it was quite a sight to behold. 🙂 Here are some miscellaneous pictures from Halloween night.

Hallowindow Projections

After experimenting with the Grim Grinning Ghosts the other day, I was curious about projections in windows. Hallowindow.com has some great animations made specifically for window displays. I got the “Eye of Fire” and “Ghosts” downloads and tried both. I first tried them in the downstairs window. The green ghosts looked way cool, however, with Trick-or-Treaters coming to the door, they’d see the projector and it would diminish the effect. The Eye of Fire looked really cool in my upstairs window. Here are some pictures of what it looked like. I tried it with a blacklight illuminating the white sheet and without. I will probably do it without the blacklight for Halloween. What do you think looks better?

Shot to show window placement on house.
Shot to show window placement on house.
Eye of Fire with blacklight underneath.
Eye of Fire with blacklight underneath.
Eye of Fire without blacklight. Flash on camera went off too.
Eye of Fire without blacklight. Flash on camera went off too.