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No Pumpkin Left Behind – Begging For Candy

No Pumpkin Left Behind
I’m all about charity,… but only towards lonely, overlooked pumpkins left behind on Halloween night.

No Pumpkin Left Behind by Pumpkinrot
50 days until Halloween 2017


Copy Machine Poltergeist


Boss: “I hired a new poltergeist for our copy machine. Our old one got promoted to the server farm.”

Dilbert: “Wouldn’t it be better to not have any poltergeists?”

Boss: “It’s a union thing.”

Tina: “May I please have my original back?”

Copy Machine Poltergeist: “I can’t hear you. Put your face up close.”


Tina: “I can almost reach the paper jam, but a poltergeist is trying to drag me to the Afterworld. Maybe I can blind him with the toner cartridge. HA HA! TAKE THAT! AND THAT! GAAA!!! I CAN’T FEEL MY ARMS!”

Dilbert: “I only have one.”