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About The Never Moor

Our haunt is located at:

    1394 South Barley Drive
    Spanish Fork, Utah 84660

You can stop by to take a look at our haunt on October 31st from 6:30 PM until 8:30 PM.

Note from Scott: I’ve been an avid Halloween fan since I was very young. From simple grave breaker props made from pillows and my dad’s clothes to prosthetic werewolf costumes, I had a lot of fun with Halloween growing up.

Our graveyard haunt has grown every year since I married my wife in 2002. In the early days of The Never Moor we had just a few tombstones, blacklights, and homemade props. My kids have really joined in with my fanaticism and help me build props and we talk about and plan for Halloween all year long. My wife tolerates my obsession. :,)

For Halloween 2017 we have started setting up our own Haunted Halloween Maze. We plan on growing the size of the maze each year until we don’t have room for growth.

The Never Moor

Tread light upon this soggy ground
‘Tis wisdom to not make a sound
The netherworlds, what lies beneath
The Raven’s message riddle replete
“Never Moor,” is what he said,
“Will reunite you with your dead.”
So go, make haste, ‘fore he takes wing
The dead grow close All Hallows’ Eve


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The Dimmick Family's Holiday Light Show – Spanish Fork, UT

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