Halloween 2020

This year we decided to not set up our Maze due to COVID-19. We didn’t want to become a scapegoat for any sicknesses being passed around the neighborhood. Despite not doing the Maze we had a wonderful Halloween. I wish that Halloween was on Saturday every year. It was so nice to add the finishing touches and lighting throughout the day with my kids.

We set up the graveyard and skeletons on October 17, 2020. The kids wanted to set up some of the skeletons playing baseball, so we confined the graveyard to the left side of the yard and left the middle section of grass as the baseball field. The right side of the yard was dedicated to an Among Us display. Heidi decorated our fireplace mantle in a new way and I love it.

It snowed again on October 25, 2020.

The kids entered a pumpkin contest with our local Church Youth Group. They made their pumpkin “disguised” as a watermelon. His name is Steve and he is a spy who infiltrated the world watermelon villain convention. By the end of Halloween he looked pretty ragged.

Our costumes this year were: Heidi=Ghostbuster, Benjamin=Jedi Knight, Tyler=Baby Yoda, Annie=Grim Reaper, Scott=Ghostbuster. I won best costume at work and won a nice cash prize.

We got our pumpkins from Glen Ray’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch again this year.

It was a great Halloween and Tyler and Annie went Trick-or-Treating by themselves for the first time. Ben decided not to go ToTing and invited a friend over to hang out with. I passed out the glow bracelets until Annie got back from ToTing and she wanted to do it.